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We take your privacy seriously and provide this form under California law so you can request certain information from Lawnmower Tirestore and exercise your privacy rights. To complete this form please copy and paste the document into an email, mark the option you prefer and provide the requested information, and email the document to  If you prefer not to email the requested information, you may contact us by telephone at 866-681-7081.



For information about Lawnmower Tirestore's data practices and the general categories of information we collect and share, please visit our California Policy Page.  Otherwise, please make your request below.


What type of request are you making (select one)?

□ Send the categories of Personal Information you have collected about me in the past 12 months, including the categories of sources of this data, the purpose behind the collection, the categories of third parties to which you have sold or disclosed this data, and the purpose for these sales or disclosures

□ Send the specific pieces of Personal Information you have collected about me in the past 12 months



To help maintain security around customer information, we ask that you log into your existing account or provide a few pieces of information about yourself. We will only use the information you provide to verify your identity and the Personal Information that is relevant to your request. We will retain a record of your request, but we will not retain the information you provide beyond the period of time necessary to respond to your request.


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